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Connected Operation Systems

Enable your stakeholders by integrating all mine and process data across the operations, business units and the enterprise.


Tailored solutions to enhance mine project management processes and outcomes.


Extend your team with Information Alignment support services.  Our focus is on enhanced productivity and connectivity across all departments.

Mine Data Management and Reporting Systems

Enhance the management of your mine


Connected-Mine Performance

Unlock the Potential of your data

Integrates disparate and siloed sources of production data into one central source.


Connected-Process Performance

Complete the cycle

Production data management and reporting system for plants and operations that correlates Mining and Process data.


Connected-Data Analysis Services

Add meaning to your data

Diverse and rich set of tools to create dashboards, reports and analysis reports – integrates with C-SI to provide visualisation of data.


Connected-Spatial Intelligence

Right before your very eyes

Toolset to create detailed visualisations of operations, and operational and transactional data in a true temporal 4D view.


Connected-Construction Performance

Keeping on Track

Utilise data from common sources to manage and report on material movement, compaction and progress to plan civil construction projects.


Connected-Quarry Performance

Maximise your Return

Harnesses data from range of sources to provide accurate management and reporting dashboards for quarry and related operations.



Decision support system

Providing a decision support system which passes minimal key equipment production and location data captured by the onboard devices back to a cloud-based server.

Information Alignment specialises in the development, implementation and management of information and reporting systems for the resources sector. For more than 20 years, Information Alignment has been designing and implementing software systems globally, utilising proven IT technologies and achieving excellent results in a timely and cost-effective way.

Our Philosophy

The Information Alignment Team have a simple ethos:

Focused and agile.

Our company and software are the product of many years of continuous and consistent improvement, and we are very proud to be delivering quality software throughout the world. Our industry leading team of data professionals and development staff have over 90 years of combined domain knowledge. We aim to ensure our clients and operations around the world not only get immediate benefits but are also supported by best in class consulting teams that work closely with each individual operation, to continue identifying and implementing improvement opportunities.

Policy and Agreements

Information Alignment has developed applications for:

  • Connected Mine Performance

  • Connected Process Performance

  • Connected Data Analysis Services

  • Connected Spatial Intelligence

  • Connected Construction Performance

  • Connected Quarry Performance

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