Connected Construction Performance

A flexible, modular and scalable application architecture unlocks the potential of your data.

Connected Construction Performance provides an integrating software layer which brings together data from disparate, incompatible and sometimes proprietary third-party systems.  This enables IA clients to easily measure, manage and optimise their operations in near-real-time, from a local, regional, and corporate perspective.

Connected Construction Performance complements existing and future platforms in common project portfolios.

  • VisionLink
    Supervision and reporting for Fleet managers, Supervisors and Project Engineers
  • WorksManager & TCC
    Office to field connectivity. Design and device management including IBSS for Survey Managers and Data Managers
  • Trimble Loadrite
    Scales data imported to ensure accuracy
  • Construction dashboard

The IA products have at their core a strong, flexible and genuinely global database model that is not constrained by language, time zones, unit of measure, currency, organisational structure or commodity.

Connected Construction Performance has a comprehensive and expanding suite of reports that provide immediate insight into our client’s operations. Once the routine reporting is automated, clients move to analysis and comparison of its performances. Connected Construction Performance can be installed on-premise or can be subscribed to from the Cloud and dashboards are available on most desktops, laptop, i-pad.

Connected Construction Performance contains modules that correspond to the primary disciplines of an operation.

  • Construction Performance Production
    Capture and report all material movements
  • Construction Performance Budgets and Plans
    Compare actuals to targets for plan management
  • Construction Performance Product Tracking
    Manage and report stockpile balances and product quality
  • Construction Performance Compaction
    Collect and report compaction results in a spatial view
  • Construction Performance Consumables
    Capture and report common consumables such as fuel